Friday, September 14, 2012

Create Healthy Soil to Grow a Thriving Holistic Health Business

How does your business garden grow? Have you haphazardly scattered a few seeds among the rocks and weeds? Do you neglect it for months and then wonder why it isn't producing food and flowers?

Picture your holistic health care practice as a plot of ground where you want to grow a flourishing garden. Have you been expecting it to thrive when you haven't prepared an environment that fosters growth?

Success starts with creating a healthy mindset for the foundation in which to plant the seeds of marketing, to grow a flourishing healthcare practice. Working on mindset, we find and remove the "rocks, weeds and bugs" that compromise growth and success. Then, just as with consistent garden maintenance - weeding and watering - continue with mindset work as a recurring activity throughout your career. As motivational author Stephen Covey says: "You have to water the flowers if you want them to grow."

Dedicate specific time in your schedule to work on your money mindset. Focus on affirmations, appreciations, goals, challenges, solutions and successes. Positive beliefs create healthy "soil" in which to plant and grow a variety of marketing strategies that help you achieve business success - a bumper crop of great clients and blooming income!

Now I can hear you saying, "Hey, wait a minute - I thought this was a marketing article. What's up with all this woo-woo gardening stuff?" Yes, it is a marketing article. And yes, marketing is crucial to the success of your practice. But without a solid foundation of healthy beliefs about business, money, success and self-worth, success can be elusive. So... mindset comes before skillset!

Mindset consists of the attitudes and beliefs that we have accumulated and developed over our lifetime. The right mindset isn't only about positive thinking or writing affirmations. These valuable concepts have been around for centuries and recently revived. They are now so prominent in popular culture that you probably already know about them from media such as the film, "The Secret," writers such as Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, and philosophies such as The Teachings of Abraham.

But mindset is about much more than that. It's about getting out of your own way so that you don't sabotage your success. It's about facing and overcoming deeply ingrained doubts and fears that impede forward momentum in business. It is less about busting through obstacles and more about making shifts in what you believe to be true about yourself, so you can take empowered action to create success and abundance in your life.

Mindset also includes the passion that you have for your work, your enthusiasm for helping others and your pride in being of service in the world. Overcoming self-doubt, breaking through your limiting beliefs, and learning new habits of self-talk will help you create and maintain the confidence you need to take action toward achieving your goals. Your mindset will determine the basis for your long-term success as a health service professional.

Mindset is the controlling factor in all of our business and personal interactions. We have all had both positive and negative experiences in our lives that have influenced our mindset. Some of these beliefs are valid and serve us in a positive way. Others may have been appropriate at one time, for a particular situation, but we continue to hold on to them and base our actions on them out of habit, even if they are no longer relevant in our present situation. And some beliefs were, and continue to be, useless attitudes that never have and never will serve our needs for personal growth or business success, and in fact hold us back from achieving our fullest potential as holistic health practitioners.